Hair Stylists/Salon Owners

MONAT really is revolutionary and is the answer to your salon challenges.

Hair Stylists/Salon Owners

Are you a Hair Stylist and/or a Salon Owner? We are looking for hair professionals that would like to have a substantial second income to help with what you earn from your “behind-the-chair” services. Promoting MONAT products is very different than current retail product sales in the industry.

Many stylists feel that the hair product industry has let them down. Just about everything customers could get through salon professionals exclusively is now sold by big-box stores and/or beauty supply shops. There are very few “exclusive” choices anymore for hair stylists to sell to their customers and earn an income from!

Product sales is an important extra income that hairdressers need to help with the costs of running a salon/booth rental. The overhead is sometimes challenging to say the least. Imagine having to pay $1200-1500 a month just to work somewhere. Some places more! Then try to pay personal bills on top of that. It’s not always easy.

If you’re a hair professional and would like to get more information, please Contact Me.

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